Last year around this time I was able to stalk professionally and appropriately track down my 90’s Prom Date.  What a great decision that was.  Now I have another reason not to use the Facebook to keep people from my past updated.  Why edit one page that everyone has access to when I can just text the person I want to bother on my terms?  Oh, you are in an important meeting….Don’t care…I have to tell you this funny story right now!!

That Detroit Zoo train pic was taken in Middle School so I have to dig even deeper than Prom.  I am going to Michigan for Thanksgiving and I plan to track this guy down at his cubicle and demand he take an updated photo.  I know for sure I do not have that Pepsi shirt anymore.  The telephone earrings are going to be impossible to find at a Goodwill.  Who wouldn’t want red telephone earrings for 75 cents?  The hair is the only thing I can recreate.  I woke up looking like this hair-do this morning.  So glad my mom let me go to the zoo looking like that.

I will post an updated photo if I can get Jon to cooperate, wish me luck!

There is the pic from last year with my Prom Reunion.  We didn’t have a corsage but we did have Butterfinger.  Wasn’t Bart Simpson in a Butterfinger commercial?  That is weird how it all ties together.