Tomorrow is the final game of the 2019 FIFA Women’s World Cup.  Team USA vs Netherlands.  The United States team lead by Megan Rapinoe and Alex Morgan is looking to defend their championship from 4 years ago.  And I will be watching.

Soccer is the sport that is played most around the world and is the most popular…not necessarily in the US.  But once every 4 years when the World Cup is played, many of us cheer on Team USA.  Because…these women are best in the world.  Ranked number 1. They have put a target on their backs…and said…we are the best…come after us.  So far they have met every challenge.  One more to go.

Some people have been critical about how they celebrated against Thailand.  For these women, this can be a once in a lifetime experience to celebrate when the world is watching.  A lifetime of work.  Perhaps the celebration was a bit much…but it will all be forgotten if they win it all.  And they are favored to do just that.

It is cool for me to see these amazing women athletes play at the top level and win.  It is great for our country, for these strong women to excel and we should support them in any way we can.  The game is at 10Am Sunday morning on FOX 32.  It would be a great way to end a weekend.  With the best women soccer players in the world bringing back the World Cup.  We should all be watching and cheering.  Go Team USA and best of luck! #USWNT

~ Tim Thomas