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I’ll be honest…I’m not sure what to think about this.

Is Jack in the Box good?! Should I be excited about it? The brand was in Chicagoland in the 60s and 70s, a bit before my time, so I’ve never been to one so can’t really speak on the quality (relatively speaking, of course…it’s still fast food).

I’m not sure we need another fast food joint, but they wouldn’t be building them if they didn’t see a demand and anticipate customer support, so I get that.

The CEO of Jack in the Box spoke to the Tribune and announced they plan to put up eight JITBs in the area by next year, including in Plainfield, Naperville, Carol Stream, New Lenox and a few other locations. The Trib also reports they are looking to add over 120 locations long term! That’s a lot of super creepy clown mascots!

I believe the last suburban location was Matteson, but someone can correct me if I’m wrong there! They do have a few locations in Illinois right now, but all are near St. Louis. If you want some JITB, the closest would be Alton until these new ones get built.