It’s crazy to think that someone has never heard Metallica’s “Enter Sandman,” but this drummer nailed covering it after the first time he heard it.

Sitting down with Drumeo, jazz drummer Larnell Lewis, who’s talent and skill are off the charts, listened to the Metallica classic for the first time.

First he just listening and analyzing the drumming style of the song. This part of the video – before he actually plays – is supper cool because you get a peak into the mind of someone who truly has mastered his craft. It’s like a drumming TED talk. Then the Snarky Puppy performer did his own take on the song and absolutely killed it.

His ability to not only recognize the drum theory going on in the song and explain it to us, but also to remember it and PLAY IT after just one listen is astounding.

I wish I had the internal drive to master something…anything!…as well as he has mastered the drum kit.

So cool!