JB says: using a smart phone while driving, not so smart

Our new governor, along with the Illinois legislature, has decided that enough is enough.  Texting was already illegal in Illinois, but as of a few days ago, July 1st, using a non-hands-free device in any way is considered a moving violation.  Fines are $75 the first time, then $100, then $125, then $150.  And if you’re nailed more than 3 times in a year, you can get your license suspended.

Personally, I was always completely in favor of the no texting law.  It scares me to death when someone is looking at their phone for more than like one second.  But come to think of it, dialing up someone to talk to also requires an extended peek!

The laws have been a while in coming.  Since the advent of smart phones, this kind of activity has become a lot more dangerous.  With older cell phones where you could actually feel the buttons, you might have been able to get away with dialing a number without even looking.  But with touch-screen phones, there’s virtually nothing you can do without looking directly at the screen!

Apparently the new law makes no exception for sitting at a red light, which is where I’ve traditionally done some texting when I need to.  I guess I can see how it can be hard to enforce if people could just argue that they were doing it at a red light.

I was on the expressway Tuesday, driving someone else’s car that doesn’t have bluetooth, and my phone rang.  I just had to let it go.  I do not want to be made an example of!  And neither do you.