Jeff Bezos. 5 Words To Live By.

Well no matter what you think of his politics or his business practices you have to admit Jeff Bezos is a pretty sharp guy. He and Elon Musk seem to arm wrestle back and forth as to whose the richest guy in the world is, but hey what’s a couple a billion between friends! Right! He has released his final shareholder report before he steps down as CEO of Amazon and he has a new book of sorts you can get from a download of the article I’m posting. Love the title: Jeff Bezos Regrets Nothing. I’m not sure how many the rest of us can say that, of course we’re not worth almost $200 billion. In his report he states many things and makes cases for his ways, but there are 5 words that he advises anyone in business to adhere to “Create more than you consume.”

Jeff Bezos 5 Short Words Brutal Truth Click Here: