Join My Midday Bracket Challenge at Win $100 to Foxfire

Hey, I pulled a few strings and got my own bracket contest for listeners to my midday show!

Everyone knows how much I live Foxfire, so I figured I’d pass it along. Anyone who joins my bracket group with a better bracket than mine at the end of the tourney will be in the drawing for a $100 Foxfire gift card!

You have to be in the Mexico Madness contest…which means get registered and make your picks!

Once you do that (or if you’ve already done that), you can join my group called: Nick’s Midday Challenge (Beat Nick’s Score to be Eligible for $100 to Foxfire)

However, it’s password protected, just to give you an even better shot at winning — we don’t need Mackay’s riffraff listeners in here!

The password is 123456. That’s it. That’s the password.

We’ll randomly pick one person in that group with a better bracket than mine to win $100 to Foxfire! But you have to join my group after you make your picks!

Good luck! Here’s something to help!

Start at the contest homepage and follow the steps to join the group!