Joliet AND Aurora Get Millions from State to Improve Downtown Areas

Things are looking up for the downtown areas of our area’s two largest towns.

Both Aurora and Joliet announced this week millions in grant money from the state’s Rebuild Illinois Downtowns and Main Streets Capital program to improve and beautify their respective downtown areas!

In Joliet, a park is being built on the lot across from the Rialto Square Theater.

According to reporting from our sister station 1340 WJOL, “Potential key elements of City Square identified at that time included ample green space, flexible performance space, “red carpet” pavement connecting the Square to the Rialto Square Theatre, a library garden (which includes a storyteller corner), a water feature, unique lighting, seating nooks, and space for future large–scale iconic public art.”

In Aurora, $3,000,000 is coming to upgrade the Broadway/Rt. 25 corridor!

Part of the announcement reads, “The three-million-dollar investment in Aurora will focus on three key areas along downtown Aurora’s primary north-south business and commuter zone:  Funds will be directed to streetscape improvements to the public sidewalks along Broadway to enhance the pedestrian experience in Downtown Aurora, resulting in improved safety, better wayfinding signage, traffic calming, and enhanced outdoor dining and/or seating experiences.”

In all, $106 million will be given to communities around the state for downtown improvements. DeKalb, Lombard, Richton Park, Lansing and dozens more around the state.

Recipients & Location Project Description Funding
AltonWorks, Alton Restoration of historic buildings for the Wedge Innovation Center incubator. $3,000,000
City of Aledo Roadway & streetscape improvements, including public plazas. $3,000,000
City of Anna Downtown streetscape & water/sewer improvements. $812,930
City of Arcola Downtown infrastructure improvements, including sanitary & stormwater sewer.  $1,040,000
City of Aurora Broadway Ave. corridor street & streetscape improvements. $3,000,000
City of Calumet City Burnham Ave. corridor improvements. $686,000
City of Carbondale Downtown Arts & Entertainment District improvements. $2,055,040
City of Carrollton Courthouse square improvements. $1,900,000
City of Collinsville St. Louis Road & Collinsville Road corridor initiative. $1,828,350
City of Danville Walnut Street corridor reconstruction. $3,000,000
City of Edwardsville Water/sewer & streetscape improvements on Main Street. $2,869,031
City of Flora City grants for businesses making repairs/enhancements in commercial corridors.  $1,273,268
City of Galesburg Simmons Street streetscape improvements/reconstruction $2,082,494
City of Greenville New downtown public plaza, including pavilion & visitors center. $1,900,000
City of Jacksonville South Main St. reconstruction (continuation of Downtown Turnaround Project). $2,975,161
City of Joliet Construction of “City Square” on Chicago St. corridor. $3,000,000
City of Kewanee Downtown streetscape improvements. $2,954,460
City of Litchfield Rehab of historic downtown building.  $398,552
City of Mattoon Downtown lighting, parking and accessibility improvements. $525,000
City of Moline 7th Ave. reconstruction & connector project. $3,000,000
City of Monmouth Downtown Square revitalization. $3,000,000
City of Ottawa Construction of an outdoor riverfront amphitheater $3,000,000
City of Peoria Public Works Wisconsin Ave. corridor project. $3,000,000
City of Pittsfield Monroe Street reconstruction/streetscaping.  $2,842,129
City of Quincy 6th Street Corridor reconstruction/ streetscaping $2,400,000
City of Rochelle Downtown parking construction & rehab. $1,151,794
City of Rock Falls Acquisition and redevelopment of the abandoned Micro Industries property. $2,200,717
City of Rockford Madison St. corridor reconstruction and utilities improvements.  $2,087,966
City of Taylorville Downtown square/business corridor streetscape and infrastructure improvements. $ 3,000,000
City of Wenona Downtown streetscape improvements, including sidewalks, lighting and charging stations.  $969,580
City of Woodstock Woodstock Opera House renovations. $2,964,553
Deeply Rooted Productions, Chicago Construction of South Side Center for Black Dance and Creative Communities in Chicago’s Washington Park neighborhood. $2,999,414
E. G. Woode, L3C, Chicago Renovating a property to create a food hub/incubator in Englewood. $1,164,683
GT Partners, LLC, Rockford Historic theater Times Theatre renovation. $2,999,996
Historic Champaign Holdings, Champaign Multi-use redevelopment of historical downtown buildings. $3,000,000
Long Family Management LLC, DeKalb Acquisition/rehab of vacant commercial property. $566,500
Prairie Food Co-op, Lombard Construction of community grocery store in downtown Lombard. $807,835
Quad Cities Chamber of Commerce, Rock Island Downtown Rock Island Revitalization (multi-faceted) $3,000,000
Re:PurposeDevelopment LLC, Centralia Winery Block Downtown renovation for mixed-used.  $ 1,000,000
Village of Bourbonnais Bourbonnais Community Campus and Village Green improvements. $3,000,000
Village of Bradley Route 50 corridor improvements. $ 3,000,000
Village of Davis Junction Commercial development and infrastructure improvements. $ 3,000,000
Village of Fairmont City Cookson St. corridor roadway, streetscape & drainage improvements.  $1,270,696
Village of Lansing Business district sidewalk replacement. $875,000
Village of Maywood 5th Avenue and Lake Street Business Corridor enhancements. $2,252,000
Village of Niles Improvements at civic center, including plaza development. $1,800,000
Village of North Utica Redevelopment of vacant lot, including utilities & commercial space for small businesses.  $ 1,249,969
Village of Peotone Downtown Street reconstruction and streetscape. $2,458,071
Village of Rantoul Downtown Master Plan implementation and overall Downtown revitalization including infrastructure improvements.  $3,000,000
Village of Richton Park Redevelopment of Town Center properties. $734,933