Joliet’s Fourth of July Fireworks Going Back to Memorial Stadium

From our sister station 1340 WJOL:

Joliet Mayor Terry D’Arcy had a big announcement at the end of the Joliet City Council meeting last night. The July 4th fireworks display will return to the Joliet Memorial Stadium.

This would mark the 76th year that the fireworks will be held at the Joliet Memorial Stadium. In 2021 the fireworks were moved as artificial turf was being installed at the stadium. For the last two years, the fireworks were held at JJC Houbolt campus. But the July 4th fireworks will be held this year for the 76th time at Busey Bank Field at Joliet Memorial Stadium.

I’m not exactly sure why the Park District had a change of heart about their softball fields and the potential damage.! Maybe the fireworks crews will cover the turf somehow? Who knows, but I’m happy to see it back at the stadium!

I’ve actually had the pleasure of being in the box truck when they were launching off the Memorial Stadium fireworks a few years back. Here’s what that looks like.

Photo: Nick Jakusz