Just 4 Days Till The Holiday….The Stranger Things Holiday

Strange Things debuts season 3 on July 4th, and I can not wait!!! To be honest I have been waiting since the end of season 2!!! Do you share the same enthusiasm I do? If you do then I feel ya and if if you don’t may I recommend watching the first two season before the 4th?

To celebrate the “Stranger Things Holiday”, I thought I’d share quite a few of the cool promotions and merchandise that you can either sink your teeth into now or will be able too in just a few days.

Burger King is serving an Upside Down Whopper, with retro packaging (think cardboard box) to match the year this season take place in (1985 encase you were wondering).

Baskin Robins will feature Stranger Things ice cream creations like a Demogorgon Sundae and an Upside Down Sundae, pre packed quarts of U.S.S. Butterscotch (to recreate the in show ice cream store both Steve and Robin work at called Starcourt’s Scoops Ahoy) and a cookie pie dubbed Byer’s House Lights. There’s also great promotional items available in the store. Yes I will be making multiple runs To Baskin Robbins in the next few days.

Lego finally gets on board with a line of Stranger Things play-sets…for the kid on your life or maybe even the kid in you?

Coca Cola brings back New Coke. In my opinion if you were around when it first came out, unless they radically changed the formula, you can stick with classic Coke.

Eggo will release rare Limited Edition 1985 Eggo Boxes; in select stores across the US, beginning in July, while supplies last.

Of course there will be a new series of Funko Pops for season 3. If you’ve nerve heard of them, they are collectible doll that features a big head with a much smaller body. These will be highly sought after as they release on July 4th. Happy hunting!

H&M has a line of pool attire and accessories for your summer pool time enjoyment.

By far one of the coolest “things” coming out will be Polaroid’s Stranger Things edition camera. Its even upside down, just like Burger King’s Upside Down Whopper. It comes with a fixed-focus lens, a powerful built-in flash, an easy USB charger, and also a self-timer. Combine that with a purchase of collectible film, which comes with 16 graphic design prints and will defiantly take you back to 1985.

Lastly Target  will feature a ton of “Target” exclusive collectible items.

Will you be picking up any of these cool “thing” like me? Let me know in the comments what strikes your “stranger” fancy.

I’ve already had the Whopper; Baskin is on the menu for this week; I’m grabbing a Lego set or two, and of course a few Funko Pops!

Happy “Stranger” 4th of July!!!