Hi this is Leslie Harris, and it is high school reunion weekend for me.

Most of my high school memories are not happy ones. I was insecure, and I was not one of the popular kids, and the popular kids quite frankly, were kind of mean to me. So when it came time for my last big reunion, I wasn’t going to go. I thought, screw them, why would I want to go and hang out with them? The people who I was friends with, I’m still friends with.

Well, one the friends I kept in touch with talked me into going at the last minute. I decided at about 3 that afternoon, and showed up and bought my ticket at the door. All of a sudden, I got tackle hugged by one of the friends that I HAD lost contact with. My friend was so happy to see me, and we rekindled our friendship but that night. And then, I reconnected with another friend who I’d lost contact with, and we had a great conversation and also rekindled our friendship that night. In fact, I had such a good time, that I joined the planning committee for tonight’s reunion.

We had a pre-reunion gathering last night, and I think everyone had a good time. I saw a lots of smiling beneath more gray hair than I wish there was, but life marches on and tonight is our big reunion. I’m really looking forward to it.

By the way, that friend who tackle – hugged me? We had a lovely 10 years of renewed friendship, but she passed away about a month ago. She was really looking forward to tonight.

So go to those reunions, those parties that you might not be excited about, those gatherings with your co-workers. We’ve become so isolated, that those human connections are more important than ever. <3


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