In Montana, there are two men, Ryan Morris and Troy Nelson, who violated their probation and stood in front of a judge to get their punishment. It was also revealed that they lied about serving in the United States military! Needless to say, the judge was not happy!

Both were sent to jail on burglary and drug charges, respectively. However, the judge decided to levy a few unique punishments.

Before the two would be eligible for parole, they had to complete the following tasks, as described in an NPR article.

1. Writing letters of apology to the American Legion, AMVETS and the Iraq and Afghanistan Veterans of America, among other groups.

2. Handwrite the names of all 6,756 Americans killed in Iraq and Afghanistan

3. Write obituaries of the 40 Montanans killed in Iraq and Afghanistan.

4. Complete 441 hours of community service — one hour for each of the Montanans killed in combat since the Korean War.

Who says the justice system doesn’t work!?