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Kane Country Sheriff Cutting Costs With Early Retirements

Knowing that a budget shortfall is very likely next year after the pandemic, Kane Country Sheriff Ron Hain announced a plan that will help lower his budget AND the number of deputies in his department.

Three versions of an early retirement incentive program were offered, targeting middle and upper management with the most popular version allowing deupties to retire on December 1, start collecting their pensions and receive an additional $15,000 from the county for the next two years. Another version would pay the retiree $15,000 for one year and give one year of health insurance premiums. The final version offers two years of health insurance premiums paid by the county.

14 members of his staff opted to take early retirement and Hain estimates it will save the county $1.8 million next year and $1.9 million in fiscal year 2022.

Additionally, some savings come from a plan to “slow hire” replacements over the next two years.

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