Kane County Cougars River Night Wrap Up

Hey, I can’t thank you all enough for joining us for River Night with the Kane County Cougars yesterday. It was awesome to see so many people, and even better when a lot of you stopped us on the concourse to say hi! We usually sit alone in a studio all day, so it’s nice to put some faces with the people we talk with every day! Honestly, it’s energizing and gets me even more excited to crack the mic every afternoon.


Here is a bit of a recap from the night!

I started off doing the afternoon show live from just inside Gate 3!

Scott and I tossed out the first pitch!

This one deserves a bit of an explanation…you see, I still am dealing with Bell’s palsy, which paralysis the right side of my face. This was meant to be a funny food photo, but turned into A LOT funnier food photo! My favorite comment is from Tom, “He’s turning into a zombie!” 😂

There was actually one part of the evening you didn’t know about! We were told we would be singing the 7th inning stretch, but as it turns out, they were double booked (and Leslie and I weren’t about to overshadow the kids who performed so beautifully), so we did our own rendition in the bowels of the stadium!

Then, of course, there was the incredibly impressive beer snake! Here’s the start of it. You can see how it ended up at the top of the page!