Keeping Fido Safe Once Winter Returns

Hey it’s Leslie Harris. Please enjoy the respite from winter this week, because it’s coming back next week. Here are some tips from the ASPCA on keeping your dog safe and comfortable when old man winter makes his return:

(Most of these apply to dogs, cats and humans)
Get a humidifier, or several of them for your home to prevent itchy, dry skin, and towel dry your dog as soon as they come inside, making sure to get in between the toes and removing any snow from between the pads.
Don’t shave your dog in the winter, even if you’ve got one of those fancy designer dogs. You want your pup to stay warm, so let that fur grow out. If you got a short haired dog, get them a sweater and or coat.
Get your dog used to having boots on their feet. This will protect them from the cold, but also from chemical burns from salt. You can also use some petroleum jelly, coconut oil or other ointment to protect the paws.
And speaking of salt, please use pet friendly salt. It’s readily available at the big box home improvement stores.
Baths can lead to dry itchy skin, so avoid them as much as possible in the winter.
Clean up any spills, especially chemical spills like coolant and antifreeze that are toxic.
Staying warm uses extra calories, so feel free to feed your pets a little extra, and make sure they have plenty of water.
Provide a warm place to sleep, off the floor and away from drafts.

And do not leave your dog or cat outside for prolonged. If it’s too cold for you to stay out long, then it’s too cold for them.

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