Kenneth Donald Rogers was born in Houston on August 21, 1938. He passed away at his home in Sandy Springs, Georgia on Thursday night.

During the course of his 60-year career, Kenny sold millions of records. Although he preferred to be thought of as a country singer, he also had tremendous success in pop music.

Kenny recorded with Dolly Parton, Sheena Easton, Kim Carnes, James Ingram and other singers.  His biggest hit, Lady was written by Lionel Richie. The song topped the charts for 6 weeks in 1980.

The three-time Grammy winner was also a television star. He had his own variety show Rollin in 1972. In the 80’s, Kenny starred in several TV movies including The Gambler.

and somewhere in the darkness,

the Gambler he broke even,

and in his final words,

I found an ace that I could keep.