Kentucky Derby Time.

May 1st. May Day! Isn’t this the day the Russians used to have their big, spectacular military parade and show of all their missiles and troops and hardware? I’m not sure they do that anymore for May Day, but then they’re probably too busy working on our 2020 election anyway. May also brings us another spectacular event! The 145th running of the Kentucky Derby. It’s called the most exciting 2 minutes in sport. It happens this Saturday at Churchill Downs in Louisville, Kentucky. I’m not a big wagering guy and I know very little about horse racing, but it’s always a treat to watch this race in particular. So I thought I’d help your insight a little with where the horses are set to run from.

Here are the starting positions with odds:

1. War of Will, 20-1

2. Tax, 20-1

3. By My Standards, 20-1

4. Gray Magician, 50-1

5. Improbable, 6-1

6. Vekoma, 20-1

7. Maximum Security, 10-1

8. Tacitus, 10-1

9. Plus Que Parfait, 30-1

10. Cutting Humor, 30-1

11. Haikal, 30-1

12. Omaha Beach, 4-1

13. Code of Honor, 15-1

14. Win Win Win, 15-1

15. Master Fencer, 50-1

16. Game Winner, 5-1

17. Roadster, 6-1

18. Long Range Toddy, 30-1

19. Spinoff, 30-1

20. Country Horse, 30-1.



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