Ketchup! Got Any?

The pandemic has caused all of us to take a look at and make changes in our lives. From how much TP we have in the bathroom closet to what we do each day going to or staying home for work. How bout what foods we eat now that we might not have chosen a little over a year ago and even where we get them. No real shortage of oil, but gas is up a buck a gallon. More folks on the road, so supply and demand affecting that! We’ve seen many things pop up on the endangered list or sold out list and then come back in stock, but now we have a new one. Now it’s ketchup! You heard me, ketchup is in short supply at least in some formats or presentations. I use it on a lot of things including scrambled eggs, burgers, meatloaf, home made 1000 island, but certainly not hot dogs! How bout you? Got any?

Ketchup Shortage Yeah Baby Click Here.