Ketchup On A Hotdog! OMG!

So when in Rome do as the Roman’s do, right! So when in Chicago don’t do what chef Gordon Ramsey has done. He’s got a new restaurant. A burger and hotdog place and he’s actually putting ketchup on his hotdogs and is calling it good. Easy now, check your weapons at the door….and your ketchup. It certainly is a ballsy move, but I dunno if it’s a very smart one. I’m sure there are a lot of folks out there who do put ketchup on their dogs (under cover or in the privacy of their own homes), but a restauranteur in Chicago serving dogs w/ketchup….hmmmm…..maybe hold the ketchup and let the audience or the customers make that move themselves. Just sayin’.

Gordon Ramsey Pours Ketchup On A Hotdog.