Yesterday, we had a message come into our Facebook page from Lindsey, the lead singer of a band called the Millennials, constructed out of a group of six teenagers from various suburbs.

Now, we get messages like this from time to time…from bands who throw their videos and demos at us in hopes of getting air time, but this one struck me a bit differently.

First, they are young and they own it. I mean, they unapologetically call themselves the Millenials! They own it in a world where the word “millennial” is usually used as an insult by a certain sect.

Second, they didn’t ask for anything. They didn’t beg for airtime or publicity for any of their shows. They just said, “Hey, we dig the River. We play rock and roll too. Here’s our video. Thanks.” Yeah…maybe I fell for a little brown nosing…but hey, who doesn’t like compliments!?

Third, they mentioned they are being mentored by some pretty solid names: Hannah Welton-Ford and Joshua Welton. Hannah was the drummer for 3rdEyeGrl, who happened to be the backup band for Prince for his latest tour before he passed away in 2019. Joshua played keys for prince and is a Grammy-nominated producer (he was nominated for his work on Prince’s last album Hit N Run Phase Two).

And D, they ROCK!!!! They got swag! They write their own stuff! They are phenomenal musicians!  I mean, look at this kids keyboard solo on Baba O’Riley – skip to the 1:30 mark! Hey, when you don’t have a violin player, you make good with what you have!

Right now, they are burning up festivals across the suburbs, but if they keep up the work and listen to the right people (which it seems they have around them), they could be going places!

Kids these days, huh?!