Kindness Rocks!

Happy Saturday!

This is Leslie Harris, and I love this project that is happening in my neighborhood. It’s so simple, yet so uplifting. One person paints some rocks, hides them, someone else finds them. It almost always brings a smile.

I am fortunate to live just a couple of blocks from one of the favorite rock hiding spots. I walk my dog at this park three or four times a week, so I’ve been fortunate to find plenty of rocks, like this sweet little candy cane. I snapped a picture of it, and left it there for the next person to find. I have also painted and hidden rocks of my own, and in fact, I even bought some acrylic paint pens that I use to decorate some of the rocks. Most of the rocks are hidden at parks, but some people will hide them outside of stores or near schools.

We have a Facebook group, so most of the members post when they are hiding rocks, and also when they find them. This little project has brought so much happiness to my community.

Do you have a kindness rocks group in your community? If not, are you thinking about starting one? Let me know in the comments

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