Ladies and Gentlemen, Your First Place Scareasaurus Rex!

How about this! Scareasaurus Rex coming home with a proverbial blue ribbon on his chest!

That’s right! Our kinda large dinosaur scarecrow that my wife and I build with our kids (by that I mean they pushed one handful of straw into it before ignoring us for the rest of the day) won first place at the Bronkberry Farm scarecrow contest!

We made it from one of our son’s old dinosaur costumes. We just bought some green sweat pants, painted them, stuffed them with straw, then stuffed a cheap dino mask with straw and used copper wire to position the arms and legs, and voila!

The only reason we made it is because our four-year-old loves dinosaurs. I also know a ton of other kids love dinos. And if the kid loves it, the parents are probably gonna vote for it. Gotta know the audience, right?!

Our prize was a Bronkberry Farm prize pack consisting of locally sourced popcorn, various jellies and jams, some small gourds and pumpkins and a BF giftcard. Not a bad little haul!

Thanks for voting!