There is an old saying: Laughter is the best medicine.  It is good to laugh.  But how often do you actually do just that? Turns out the average person laughs 8 times a day.  And what makes us laugh the most?

1.  Things our kids say.

2.  Sitcoms on TV.

3.  Memes and animal videos.

4.  Reality TV.

5.  Dad jokes.

6.  Knock-knock jokes.  (Who the hell is telling knock-knock jokes in 2019?)

7.  People mispronouncing words.

8.  Bad photos of people.

9.  Puns.

10.  Watching someone trip and fall.  Honestly, we’re a little surprised that wasn’t #1.

So enjoy a good laugh everyday and as many as you can. Your quality of life will be a little bit better.


~ Tim Thomas