Learin’ Bourbon at Foxfire Geneva’s Bourbon Cocktail Class

I always say how happy I am Foxfire is a partner with the radio station. I use any excuse I can to get in there, and yesterday’s bourbon cocktail making class was so much fun!

I’ll be honest, I don’t even LIKE bourbon. I wish I did. I even occasionally try to get on the bourbon train, but thanks to a poor decision when I was younger that involved a bottle of Jack Daniels, I can’t really drink the stuff.

That doesn’t mean I was going to miss the chance to learn how to make some awesome bourbon cocktails that I can serve to other, more cultured, friends and family!

Patrick was our mixologist and professor for the evening. He showed the group of about 20 how to make an old fashioned, a whiskey sour (my favorite), a Kentucky mule and a Kentucky coffee (my other favorite).

Each round of drink making was accompanied by a DELICIOUS appetizer made by chef/owner KC. I literally dreamed of the million dollar bacon last night. I even got some extra pork wings to take home for lunch today!

I had so much fun with everyone that was there, and even met the wife of the guy Walter Payton shot back in 1988. Fun times.

They will be doing a “perfect martini” class coming up in February. Check the Foxfire Facebook page and website for the details!