Lets talk about where you sleep…or more specifically…what side of the bed do you sleep on and why?

For the record…I sleep on the right side of my bed.  Always have…not sure why.  If it is not my bed…then I sleep where I am told.  If my partner want’s the right side…then I sleep on the left.

But WHY do people sleep on certain sides? The Top 5 reasons given as to why we prefer one side or the other:

  1.  It’s easier to get in and out of bed on a particular side, or its closer to the door.  40%
  2. Partner prefers the other side.  31%
  3. Better access to a nightstand.  31%
  4. Better view of TV. 25%
  5. Like to sleep against a wall.  18%

There are different personality traits that seem to co-inside with the side of bed you sleep on.  Left side of bed…you tend to like beer over wine, like older music, and lean left politically.   Right side of bed…rock music listeners, action movie fans…and lean right politically.  Share your thoughts if you agree or disagree, and cast your vote.


~ Tim Thomas