Leo Is Orland Parks’ First Ever…

Hi this is Leslie Harris, and I’m extremely excited to report that Leo is now a part of the Orland Park Police force. Leo is an 8 month old black lab, and he is Orland Park Police department’s first comfort dog.

Leo will be working with officer Rich Miller, who clicked with the dog immediately. Miller said, “They let him out of his cage and he jumped up on me and started licking me. He was phenomenal.”

Leo is named for the initials L E O which stand for Law Enforcement Organization.

Leo will be helping both the police and the public. Police Chief Joseph Mitchell said “There is a need for services such as this here in Orland Park. The rise in mental health related cases and other cases that may cause distress make having a program such as this one a necessity.”

What a wonderful idea. I hope all police forces will consider bringing comfort dogs into their departments.

Are there other suburbs in our area that have comfort dogs on their police force? Let me know in the comments.