Leslie as The Lorax

Sometimes I feel like The Lorax. I speak for the trees!

It’s Leslie, and when a tornado ripped through my neighborhood in 2011 and took down several of our trees, most of them were never replaced.

I love that the city of Wheaton is helping residents with the cost of planting trees on parkways. For just $95, Wheaton residents can choose from 12 different species of trees, including Burr Oak, Pink flowering Crabapple, Japanese tree Lilac, and Kentucky Coffeetree.
Some of these trees sell for hundreds of dollars. Some of these trees are known for their hardiness. All of these trees that are purchased for parkways in Wheaton will be planted by staff from Wheaton’s Forest Street division.
If you live in Wheaton and would like to apply for the 2024 shared cost parkway tree program, click HERE
What do you think of this program? Do other municipalities have similar programs? Let me know in the Facebook comments.