Hi this is Leslie Harris, and I am hosting Thanksgiving dinner this year. I haven’t hosted Thanksgiving dinner in several years, but I do host Christmas dinner, and we basically do the same meal. However, as many times as I’ve done this, I can’t seem to get everything timed properly. The mashed potatoes have usually cooled down quite a bit by the time they’ve gotten to the table. Not exactly cold, but I like my potatoes really hot so the butter melts as soon as it touches the potatoes. And the rolls. And the turkey. And the gravy. And and and…In addition to this, I still have to clean and shop. (breathe Leslie, breathe)

I mentioned yesterday when I was filling in for Nick Jakusz that I can feeling a little stressed, so I’m looking to you give me some tips and tricks to have happy and peaceful Thanksgiving.

Whatcha got? Let me know in the Facebook comments, and Happy Thanksgiving!

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