Leslie Needs YOUR Help!

Hi, it’s Leslie Harris, and ice cream is my favorite food in the whole world. (specifically, coffee ice cream with a strong dark, coffee flavor) I really love going and checking out locally owned ice cream parlors.

Since I’m in Downers grove, that usually means places like Everyday’s a Sundae, and I was very excited that Rainbow Cone opened in Lombard.

I am not above driving far for a good ice cream cone, so I have also traveled to The Plush Horse in Palos Park, and Graham’s Chocolates in Geneva, both worth the drive.

However, my doctor told me that I must give up eating dairy! SO unfair! (I’m also supposed to give up coffee!) So now, having good ice cream is more important than ever since I can have it so infrequently.

So I need to know – where is the best, locally owned place to get ice cream in the western suburbs? (and beyond!) Bonus points if they have good dairy-free options! Let me know in The Facebook comments.

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