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Let’s play astronaut!

C’mon, this’ll be fun!  If you’ve ever dreamed of going to Mars – here’s your (sort of) chance!  NASA is looking for applicants for several year-long missions to simulate life on the red planet.

You’ll be based at NASA’s Johnson Space Center.  Each mission will consist of four crew members living and working in a 1,700-square-foot-module.

NASA will then throw all kinds of scenarios your way to mimic what could happen in space, everything from equipment failures to simulated spacewalks.  That’s the fun part.

Here’s the tricky part.  The criteria for applying: Must be a U.S. citizen, non-smoking, between the ages of 30-55 with a master’s degree in a STEM field such as engineering, math, or computer science.

Master’s degree, huh?  Oh well.  The thought was fun while it lasted.

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