The year was 1985 and we were knee deep in the middle of the eighties.  Our hair was big and our music was awesome.  Prom was a whole different ball game back then.  It was the one school dance that we went all out for.   All of our other dances had taken place in the high school cafeteria.  We wore nice but not crazy nice clothes to homecoming and we drove ourselves (or were dropped off by our moms).   So Prom was a big deal.   It was in a fancy hotel.   You wore amazing dresses and tuxedos.   You arrived in a limo.   Sadly today’s kids seem to do all that stuff earlier and earlier.  They are always trying to one up each other and they show up with tuxes and limos for homecoming so when Prom rolls around … they don’t have anything new (unless they arrive in a helicopter.)

I went to two proms … one when I was a junior and one when I was a senior.   The first one was the best.  I went with a fab friend called Eddie who was an amazing dancer.  He loved dancing as much as I did but he was so much better at it than I was.   Let’s just say I was more Lori Singer and he was more Kevin Bacon … Eddie cleared the dance floor at one point and everyone got around and cheered him on.  He had some seriously fabulous moves.

My son’s school had their prom at a downtown museum.   It was fun but it was crazy expensive and they spent a lot of time on a bus.  They did have a post prom party (which my hubby and I chaperoned one year) which went from 11 pm – 3 a.m.  in the school gym.   That was a great deal of fun and also a way to keep the kiddos from driving around if they have been drinking (which lets face we all know some of them had.)

So share some of your prom pics and memories … I would love to see them.