Like Wikipedia? Please Read:

Hi, Leslie here, and I love w\Wikipedia. I use it almost every day. I use it while I’m working here at The River, and I use it in my personal life as well.

As you know, Wikipedia is, and always has been a free resource, open for anyone to use. You don’t have to sign up for it, they don’t even ask you for your email address. So how do they keep going?

Someone has to pay to host it, and I’m sure they have employees as well.

Well, Wikipedia is run entirely on donations.

The administrators have chosen not to take any advertising, because they want their content to remain unbiased.

Less than 2% of people who use Wikipedia actually donate to it and they are having a donation drive right now. Can you spare $5 for a resource that is so valuable to so many people? How about $3? Any amount will make a difference. Find out more HERE