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One of the biggest challenges for parents with teenagers is monitoring and limiting SCREEN TIME.  And it’s hard because kids are looking at their devices ALL the time.

And now, Zookeepers at Chicago’s Lincoln Park Zoo are  having the exact same problem with their teenage gorilla?!

Zoo officials are concerned about Amare, a teenage gorilla who’s obsessed with looking at visitors’ phones through the glass!

He sits by the glass, and guests show him pictures and videos . . . including selfies, family photos, pet videos, and even footage of Amare himself.

So what’s the problem?  Well, they worry that he’s becoming anti-social and distracted.  For example, last week, another teenage gorilla rushed at him in a show of aggression, and Amare didn’t seem to notice.  They’re concerned that his fascination with phones may make him the target of bullying!

Zoo officials have installed a rope to keep visitors and their phones a few feet away from the glass . . . and they hope this will help limit Amare’s screen time, so that he plays and interacts more with the other gorillas.