Liquor Sales Passed Beer Sales for the First Time EVER

Looks like these crazy last few years have us reaching for the hard stuff more! Liquor sales just passed beer sales for the first time ever.

Spirits made up 42.1% of all alcohol sales in the U.S. last year, according to a new report . . . just enough to beat beer at 41.9%. Wine is a distant third at 16%.

It’s the 13th year in a row liquor sales have gained. Two decades ago, it wasn’t even close. Beer had a 54% market share, and liquor was at 30%.

One big reason for it is canned cocktails are getting more popular. Sales of pre-mixed cocktails were up almost 36% last year. Tequila and mezcal are getting more popular too, with a 17% bump. Then whiskey is next.

Sales of American whiskey like Jack Daniel’s jumped 10.5% . . . Irish whiskey, 7% . . . and Scotch, about 4%. Gin sales also jumped 3%, while sales of vodka and rum stayed pretty flat.

Brandy and cognac were the only types of booze that saw a significant drop in popularity. Sales fell by about 12% last year.

(You can dive deeper here and here: Business Wire / DSC)