Listener Photos that Made Us Smile Over the Holidays

We made it to the final week of the year, so congrats on that…no small feat, indeed! During our holiday break I was feeling rather festive, so I asked River Fans on Facebook to share a recent photo or two to make us smile. Thank you so much for everyone that shared a pic, there were some really nice ones that indeed made my day!

There were quite a few photos of pets, obviously!

There also happened to be a gorgeous sun dog that morning that Sylvia and Jamie so beautifully captured.

Shout out to my mom for her handmade gnome tree! There were quite a few photos of other holiday decorations too!

Then there was this awesome story about two school admins getting into the spirit!

Obviously, our kids made us smile beacause many of you shared photos of kids and grandkids! No one looked like they had as much fun as these hockey players though!

Then there’s Smoosha…

There’s also some photos that I’d love to get more background on…

And some were just rubbing it in…

However you spent the holidays, I hope it was memorable!