Little Debbie Snack Cakes- Let Rate Them


Lets debate snack cakes!

If you have kids, and still pack a lunch for them, maybe you slip a Little Debbie Snack cake in their lunch bag.  It will be a big hit.  For kids and adults!  They are tasty, inexpensive,  and there are a lot of choices.

Well Little Debbie has ranked them.  They have been organized into 4 tiers.  The “Legends” tier, “You See It, You Want It” tier, “Crowd Pleasers” and “Enlightened Few”.

The top category has Oatmeal Creme Pies, Christmas Tree Cakes, and Nutty Buddy (my favorite!)

2nd tier- Swiss Rolls, Glazed Donuts Sticks, Mini Powered Donuts and a few others

3rd tier, Honey Buns, Zebra Cakes (these should be higher!) Cosmic Brownies

4th tier- Fig Bars, Banana Rolls, Star Crunch (Also WAY too low on the list.

Click HERE to see the article and let the debate begin!  Which ones are your favorite?  And do you agree with the order?

~ Tim Thomas