Live Baseball is Back Tonight in the ‘Burbs

If you have been itching for America’s pastime, tonight is your night in Joliet!

After their league shut down a few weeks ago, the Joliet Slammers got busy creating their own four-team league from scratch! It took them 19 days to conceptualize and build four teams, including a player draft, hiring coaches, designing logos and figuring out how to do it all withing the confines of COVID restrictions.

Well today is opening day in downtown Joliet! The Slammers will play the Joliet Tully Monsters (which is apparently the state fossil – who knew?!). They are even starting to talk smack!

You can purchase tickets for $15. Masks are required when not in your seat, which will be responsibly distanced around the seating bowl.

Here’s an interview I did with GM Heather Mills about how this all came about.

The Slammers highly recommend purchasing tickets and signing waivers online to avoid a long wait at the gate. They plan on taking temperatures and having fans sign waivers, so the line will most likely be unusually slow if you are buying tickets at the gate.

Good luck to the Slammers!