Live Local, Give Local, Be Local.

Well it is the season to be giving and a delightful occurrence took place outside Casey’s Foods in Naperville when some very generous soul left a 1-ounce gold South African Krugerrand in the Salvation Army Kettle. The gold coin, which is valued at $1,790, is just another sign of the generous human spirit that exists in all of us. Now we all might not be in the position to donate that kind of gift, but there are many ways you can show the spirit of the season. Be sure you are ordering take out from some of your favorite eateries and when you pick up make sure you tip over the top. Remember those folks who are working are not getting their usual return for their service and times are needless to say very tight for one and all! Feeling generous call your local firehouse and see if they’d be interested in a few pizzas. If so have some delivered or pick em up and deliver them yourself. Those first responders are all so working above and beyond. If you’re out doing some Christmas shopping buy local and help support your own community and those around you. They all need our help and support too!!  And please remember your local food pantry’s. They are serving so many more folks this year. Your dollars can help them feed many who are in need this holiday season. Be safe, keep that good social distance and wear the damn mask. It’s important!!