Local Boy Honored for Pratt Shooting Charity

Good Afternoon. This is Laura Vaughn from the Weekend River in for Rich Dale this afternoon.

Our hearts go out to the families effected by the mass shooting in Virginia Beach yesterday. The current death toll is 13.

We in Aurora have first hand knowledge of how a mass shooting effects the community. Earlier this year, February 15th, 5 people were killed by a mass shooter at Henry Pratt Manufacturing. 5 police officers were injured.

But a light shines in all this darkness. 10-year-old Henry Svejda of Aurora organized a charity drive to honor Aurora Police officers for their efforts.

Henry Svejda is an amazing young man, a student at Frank H. Hall Elementary School. Henry drafted a proposal to have a “Students who are Great” group hold a charity drive. They raised $900 selling “Aurora Strong” t-shirts and the students collected 20 boxes filled with supplies for police officers.

Henry was honored at the recent West Aurora School Board meeting for his efforts. His parents and sister and grandparents proudly attended. They explained to the local newspaper that Henry has a kind nature and always wants to help others. He felt sad and wanted to do something useful.

The world needs more Henrys!!! We at The River applaud you and your family, Henry Svejda. We think you will go on in life to continue to do great things.