Local First Responders Gift Boy a New Pair of Boots After Having to Cut Off the Old Ones

Happy Hour was born to tell stories like this one!

Lauren Traut did a great piece in the Patch about how fire fighters in New Lenox went beyond the call of duty to put a smile on the face of a local teenager.

His name is Brendan Wetzel, a senior at Lincoln-Way West. Wetzel was in a very scary car accident where he suffered some major injuries including broken bones in both arms and both legs, a lacerated spleen, a concussion and more. It was a scary crash, for sure.

During the rescue, first responders needed to cut off Brendan’s boots from his feet to treat his injuries before he went in for hours of emergency surgery.

The thing is, this kid loved those boots! According to the story in the Patch, his mom calls him a “good ol’ country boy.”

As a kind gesture, the New Lenox fire department went in search of another pair of boots for Brendan…the exact same boots they had to cut off!

A GoFundMe page has raised over $30,000 to aid in his recovery.