Check this out! It’s always cool to see local guys doing cool stuff! L

Louis Virtel is a Lemont native and my former cross-alley neighbor, will be a co-host of the Oscar’s official red carpet pre-award show Oscars All Access: Red Carpet Live! That is freakin’ cool!

After his time at Lemont HS and University of Iowa, Louis has gone on to do some pretty big things in Hollywood! He is an entertainment and pop culture contributor for a few entertainment websites, he has a highly-touted web series hilariously called “Verbal Vogueing” (WARNING: ADULT CONTENT!), he’s been a guest on Chelsey Lately, an pop culture pundit on major networks like CNN, HLN and others, he is a television writer for TV Land, and on and on and on.

Now, he can add Oscar’s Red Carpet host to the list! According to his Tweet, he’s pretty excited about it!

The Oscar’s are coming up Sunday, February 24th on Channel 7. Red Carpet Live with Louis and other people I don’t know will be broadcast live on Twitter!