Full video of Noah’s climb up Devil’s Tower in Wyoming.


Noah Kelleher is a student at Providence Catholic High School — my alma mater, go Celts!
He’s also, apparently, a rock climber and a philanthropist because last weekend he climbed to the top of Devil’s Tower in Wyoming to raise awareness for the God Parent’s Fund at PCHS.

He recorded his entire climb and the photos are gorgeous!

Noah…you’re a funny dude! Climbing up a rock named after Satan to raise money for a Catholic school. I see what you did there!

He accomplished this feat to help raise money for the PCHS God Parents Fund:
Families may apply for emergency financial aid year-round. This funding comes from the Celtic Godparent Grant Program and is reserved for students who experience the death of a parent, loss of a job, or other special circumstance affecting the household income. Anonymous donors (Celtic Godparents) provide the funding as needed.

Way to go, Noah!

If you’d like to donate money to the PCHS God Parents Fund, click here.