Local Museum pays tribute to River Rock ‘n Roll

The DuPage Historical Museum has been in Downtown Wheaton since 1967!  But I haven’t had a chance to visit it until this week.  I took some of my friends from my Assisted Living — some of them were probably old enough to remember the Adams Memorial Library!!  We had a great time.  There is a train on the lower level that is fascinating to young and old.  I would never have the patience to set up a model train set let alone make an entire town in the same scale.  Who has that kind of time??  Upstairs there was an exhibit called the DuPage Music Makers.  I took a picture of the Ronnie Platt of Kansas plaque but just realized while I was putting this blog together and gathering info for you that they do not allow photography while in the museum.  So No Picture Evidence.  I took that down and swapped out the Jessi Beretta legal image so I can stay out of jail.  There is a Jim Peterik section and Muddy Waters, too!