Lockdown Zoo is the Best Zoo

I get it…not being able to operate at 100% capacity can impact Brookefield Zoo’s bottom line. We love BZ and truly hope they get back to normal as quick as they can.


For the guests at the park, lockdown rules have been AWESOME…at least in my selfish opinion.

The Jakusz Clan met a few other family members at Brookfield Zoo yesterday. The weather was GORGEOUS. If it was a typical 70-degree Sunday afternoon, that place would be PACKED. You’d have to stand 4 people deep just to get a view of some of the animals.

But NOT TODAY! Even with the loosened restrictions, the zoo was operating at 60% capacity as of the start of Illinois Bridge Phase on Friday. And since you still have to buy tickets in advance, we were not worried about not being let thought the gates. Being members helps with reserving tickets you want…and let me tell you…the extra $5 to park at the South Gate is TOTALLY worth it!


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Even though the zoo was “sold out” you could still walk up to any concession stand, through any gift shop, up to any exhibit barrier to check out the sights unimpeded. It was beautiful. Masks were only required inside buildings, in lines and in certain congested areas.

The ONLY issue was the line to get into the monkey house. There was plenty to see without having to wait in that line…and besides, I have two monkeys of my own at home!

I was also happy to see the dinosaurs were still on display, and will be for the entire summer for other families with dino-obsessed kids like my own.

If you enjoy going to the zoo, I’d highly recommend going very soon before they go back to open ticketing and 100% capacity. Enjoy it while you can!