Lollapalooza! You Goin? No. You’re Not Alone.

I never made any bones about it, I’m not a big fan of Lollapalooza! Mostly the list of artists has never had a lot of appeal and had me goin’ Oh wow I gotta be there for that!  (I know dinosaur jumps in your mind….whatever). I’m just not a fan of paying hundreds of dollars so I can be hangin’ out with 60 or 70 thousand of my closest friends. (Still thinkin’ dinosaur think aging T-Rex baby). I’ve been in more than my share of crowds over the years. I use to take my older kids down to Grant Park for the 3rd of July fireworks with the Chicago Symphony doing the 1812 Overture. Yeah just us and 3 million others. So it’s not the crowd thing! The tix are very expensive and if I’m shying away from paying $350 or $400 to see the Stones I’m not ponying up that kinda dough to see Arianna Grande or who knows what! Now my kids are another story. Mitchell’s been almost every year and Spence was a regular back in the day as well. Even my baby girl McKenna (now the momma of 2 boys herself) went at least one year when she was about 13….of course accompanied by brother Spence….so I was told anyway. So my family has been quite well represented at Lolla. Well if you’re lookin’ for tickets it would seem there’s plenty to be had! Greg Kot hit it on the head in this mornings Trib.

“Once a Lollapalooza sell-out could be measured in
minutes. But that era appears to have passed.
Four-day passes ($340) for Lollapalooza went on sale
three weeks ago Tuesday and they’re still available, the
second year in a row of sluggish sales for the festival,
which returns Aug. 1-4 to Grant Park. (Only the $650 fourday GA+ tickets featuring food and bathroom perks have sold out.)
Last year, it took eight days for the fest to sell out its
80,000 four-day passes (daily capacity is 100,000). But
weekend passes sold out in less than 2 ½ hours in 2017,
and within an hour in 2016. In 2014 and 2015,
Lollapalooza sold all of its weekend passes even before the
lineups were announced.
In contrast, the Coachella Festival in California remains a
brisk seller. It sold out both of its three-day weekends in
six hours when tickets went on sale in January, only
slightly slower than the three-hour blow-out for tickets in
2017 and 2018.
Last year’s slower Lollapalooza sales could be pinned on
the relatively stale menu of headliners – seven of the eight
had played the festival before. But this year Lollapalooza
has a fresher look at the top of the bill and shares some
top-billed acts with Coachella, including Ariana Grande,
Childish Gambino, Tame Impala, J Balvin and Janelle
Monae. Four-day ticket prices ($340) are $5 higher than
last year for Lollapalooza, whereas Coachella’s three-day
passes cost $429.
Executives with C3 Presents, which promotes Lollapalooza
with Live Nation, were not immediately available for
comment on the sluggish sales.
If history is any indicator, it is extremely rare for a festival
to exist — let alone thrive — for a decade-plus.
Lollapalooza (which established its annual Grant Park
residency in 2005) and Coachella (originated in 1999) are
among the North American exceptions. In recent years, a
number of long-running festivals have either shrunk (Vans
Warped Tour has gone from a national tour to a handful of
dates) or struggled to stay viable amid declining
attendance (Bonnaroo in Tennessee).

Still lookin’ for a ticket….I think I gotta guy!



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