Looney record label becomes a little less looney

So in the last month or so, Warner Brothers Records has officially rebranded as Warner Records.  Now most people don’t really care about record labels, but since I was a kid, I always paid attention to what labels looked like, which labels were divisions of which other labels, and that sort of stuff.  And now that vinyl is making such a comeback, maybe labels will be cool again!

Warner Brothers Records was established in 1958 as a division of Warner Brothers Pictures, but in 2004, they became separate and agreed that they’d use the name and logo for another 15 years.  So this is that time.

The reason it kind of saddens me is that it was cool to buy a record on that label and see the same logo that I’d see on all those excellent Bugs Bunny cartoons.  Back then, my friends and I knew what was up.  Disney cartoons were schmaltzy, but Warner Brothers cartoons were cool and snarky.  Disney has since upgraded their sense of humor, but back in the day, there was no comparison.  As far as we were concerned, Bugs and Daffy beat the crap out of Mickey and Donald.

So no more Looney Tunes logo on the records.  It takes just a little of the fun out of buying an REM or Deep Purple album.

Here are more details about the change and the new logo:  http://www.blabbermouth.net/news/warner-bros-records-rebranded-as-warner-records/