Love Advice From an Expert

Hey it’s Leslie, and I talked to 20+ year relationship expert Karinna Karsten. She’s the founder, the streaming series that walks you through creating an amazing love life for yourself. And she wants everyone to know that they can create that loving relationship for themself.

Karinna’s message is simple. Great relationships start with self-love.

Karinna takes a holistic approach to relationships and intimacy, that has mindfulness and wellness at the heart of it. These are elements that often get overlooked, but are essential for creating successful relationships.
Maybe you’ve established a relationship, but what to do when romance fizzles?
You might be a long-term relationship, or perhaps you’re under a lot of stress. Karinna advises us to ‘clean up our emotional story.’  She has tools for how to turn our emotions from negative to positive, learning how to activate more of those positive emotions. This allows us to shift our mood within 5 to 15 minutes, instead of hours or even days. These are techniques that work quickly, like meditation and mindfulness.
This puts us back into a loving state, allowing us to interact with our partner from that place, rather than frustration or aggravation, which allows us to reconnect with our partners. 
With Love TV, Karinna wants to give anyone the opportunity to achieve and maintain a loving relationship. Her step by step videos can walk you through self love, preparing yourself for a relationship, dating in today’s world, how to move through the pitfalls that we often get stuck in, and how to create deeper intimacy.
To find out more about Karinna Karsten and her unique approach to creating and maintaining loving relationships, check her out at