Love Me, Love My Pet
Hi this is Leslie Harris. I think everyone who knows anything about me knows that my pets are extremely important to me. I never would have dated anyone who made me choose between me and my pet.
According to a recent survey from from Pawlicy Advisor, 60% of women would dump their boyfriend if he made them choose between him and their dog, and 55% of the women surveyed said that they would get rid of the boyfriend if the dog didn’t like him. Here’s what else the survey found:
28% of women said that disliking pets was the biggest dating turn off.
20% of women would stay with someone because of the partner’s dog.
58% of women said they’d miss the dog more than the partner after a breakup.
44% of women said that their cat or dog is a better judge of character than they are.
And only 18% of women have pets in their dating profiles, but 71% of women said that they would match with a man who had a dog in his dating profile.
So, here are some questions for you, no matter what gender:
If you have pets, would you consider a romantic partnership with someone who didn’t like pets?
If you don’t like pets, would you consider a romantic relationship with someone who does?
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