Mackay Hosts River Night Tonight at the Comedy Vault in Batavia
Allied First Bank is going to be helping you laugh all the way from the bank, to the vault… The Comedy Vault that is!
Join Scott Mackay at the Comedy Vault in Batavia tonight, November 10 at 7:30 pm for The River’s listener night, as Paul Elia brings down the house!  The Comedy Vault is offering tickets for $9.59!  Get your tickets here. Don’t miss out on this fun, one-night only event…. All from our friends at Allied First Bank
Paul Elia is a standup comedian and content creator from Detroit.  Paul Elia has appeared in dozens of television shows including Ramy, Lady Dynamite and is perhaps best known for his recurring roles on TBS’s Conan. His Tik Tok is growing- with over 100,000 followers, featuring his stand up and other content.
All brought to you by Allied First Bank, helping you laugh all the way… from the bank to the vault!