Some people do some pretty neat things, and this one’s pretty cool! I couldn’t imagine having the foresight and discipline at the age of 13 to do ANYTHING every single day. That’s impressive stick-to-itivness, even for something as simple as taking a selfie!

The guy’s name is Jordan Wilson. He got a digital camera for Christmas in 2007, so he set up a purple backdrop behind him and took a selfie. He has done the same thing every day for 15 years, even making sure to use the same camera. When the original device died, he found the exact same ’07 model and kept on snapping.

It’s quite hypnotic, actually. You can see the early-teen acne come and go and him slimming down as he gets into the later teenage years. It’s funny to watch the hair grow, then get cut, over and over. Obviously, our main main Jordan loved that haircut! He went quite a while without changing it until he finally shaved it off and started the beard.

He actually posted the video to Reddit and answered a bunch of questions, which is brave because you KNOW people will comment on EVERYTHING!

Maybe I’m getting a bit too deep here, but it really illustrates that our time here on Earth is a short one. We all go through this evolution of growing up and getting old. It’s a shared experience that Jordan put right in front of our face. Life’s short, have fun!

My next question is how long he can keep it going?!

The answer: